Read : Duterte can’t afford to lose men in drug war: Their training costs too much for them to be killed by dopeheads

President Rodrigo Duterte has strict orders for the police to act swiftly and decisively when faced with a threatening drug suspect in their anti-drug operations.

Duterte explained that he can’t afford to risk the lives of the military and police because the government has spent a lot of resources for their training as public protectors.
“In Davao, when I was mayor maybe 600, 700 (drug suspects were killed) for 23 years. Tama ‘yan. Because my orders to the police and to the military now is: Go out and hunt for them. Not to kill them but to arrest them if still possible.

But if they confront you violently then shoot the idiot because either ikaw o siya ang mamatay,” said Duterte.“Eh ‘di barilin na lang nila kaagad bakit pa ako mag…? Why do I have to lose a policeman or a military man? Kalaki ko ng gastos mag-training ‘yan para ipapatay ko lang?” he added.

Duterte has been accused of instituting a lucrative reward system for every kill made by a police team in the drug war ‎with most of the crime scenes staged to show that the dead suspects were killed while resisting arrest.
But Duterte said that most of the unresolved killings in his drug war were carried out by warring drug gangs who were out to destroy each other after he exposed the nune generals who were acting as their protectors in government.“I continue to lose three, four, five on the average three military pati pulis. Extrajudicial killing? Hindi amin ‘yon. Kanila ‘yon,” said Duterte.

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