“Sara Duterte for 2022?” Rodrigo Duterte endorses his daughter Inday Sara as his successor

President Rodrigo Duterte said in a speech Thursday that his daughter Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte as the best person to continue his fight against drugs and corruption.Duterte believes that his daughter Inday Sara can carry his war with the same attitude and relentlessness as him.Even some people from Davao City believes that Inday Sara is more fearless and braver than his father.
He said that if the people don’t like the candidates on the next presidential election, they may choose the Davao City Mayor.“You know my daughter? The one who mauled the sheriff. Iyong binugbog niya yung sheriff na ganon ‘yung babae na iyan.

But kung wala na kayong makuha na ibang presidente, iyan ang kunin ninyo,” Duterte said in his speech.“Patay lahat. Ubos iyan. 

Noon drug pusher lang baka pati botika owner diyan patay na. Ibang klaseng ang babae na ‘yan,” he added.President Duterte also informed the people that Inday Sara is the biggest reason why he ran for Presidency. 

He said that he only waited for the permission of his daughter to run for the highest position in the land.“I was supposed to retire. Ang problem my daughter would not run for mayor. Kung hindi siya tumakbo ng mayor hindi talaga ako mag-presidente. 

Until my last term then, pa-retire na ako. But at the last… She was the one who wrote me publicly not to run because I will just be used by, you know, politicians. But when she said, ‘you run’ and she agreed to,” said Duterte.
He also warned that if the people chosen the wrong leader, the illegal drug problem in the Philippines could be worse than ever and the effects might be irreversible.“Four million na ngayon (ang drug addicts/pushers). Ilan pa ang madagdag? Another two? Or if you have a President who is a son of a b—, another four, another four, in 10 years’ time, you’ll have a nation of parang walking dead,” said Duterte


  1. Yes tama po kau pres duterte marami na talaga ngaun addict pag iba ang maging president bka hindi kayanin ng taong pusher at addict na yan sana malagpasan na at maubos na ang mga addict at mawala na ang DRUGS sa pilipinas

  2. I reserve my vote when time comes..


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