Must Read: Ninoy Reveals Cory's wants Divorced to join Satanism by Raul Manglapus in U.S

Former President Cory Aquino was revealed to have divorced former Senator Ninoy Aquino some time in 1980 in Boston, Massachusetts and indulged in gambling, snobbery, and was allegedly recruited into Satanism by Raul Manglapus, member of the National Union of Christian Democrats (NUCD).

Ninoy refused to sign the divorce papers because of his commitment to the family and his love for the children, but the separate arrangement Cory imposed on him was said to bring great “anguish”.

Ninoy had to fend for himself, buy his own groceries, prepare his own meals, pay all the bills of the family, and was tasked to look for financial resources when Cory and the kids ran out of money. He was even said to appeal to former 
President Ferdinand Marcos for financial aid.

Cory’s gambling addiction had long plagued the family which profusely embarrassed Ninoy during his early years as a senator when he had guests over and his wife would merely don her sleeping wear and snob Ninoy’s guests as she proceeded to her mah jong table.

His wife’s lack of manners forced Ninoy to personally offer refreshments and amenities to guests or call on house help to do so to make up for his wife’s unruly behavior that left the visitors feeling uninvited or unwanted.

Additionally, Cory’s absence of love for Ninoy left her uncaring of her in-laws and of Ninoy’s death by the hands of Cory’s relatives, particularly her own cousin and four other unidentified figures.

The former Yellow president was even said to side with Manglapus more during heated arguments between the latter and Ninoy, and she allegedly embraced Satanism when Manglapus had been recruiting in the US.

Even Ninoy’s ideals of democracy was frowned upon by 
Cory because she simply preferred her elite lifestyle, sheltered and pampered from the hardships of life.

While their children claimed and praised their parents’ love, they were fully aware of Cory’s diminished love for her husband.

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