Retired General Reveals the Truth Between Trillianes and Maute Group

Is the Magdalo where Senator Antonio Trillanes belongs connected to the Maute Terrorist Group?

Retired Major Abraham “Abe” Purugganan who led the bloodiest coup during the Cory Aquino administration revealed that his friend who is a retired General gave him a shocking information about the Magdalo Group of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.

According to Purunggan’s friend, the attack in Marawi City was unusual because jihadist like Maute Terrorist Group do not attack before Ramadan, because it’s considered as a holy month for Muslims.

The retired general believed that the attack in Marawi was designed to embarass President Duterte while he’s in Russia or to affect the peace process between MILF and Philippine government.

The source also claimed that Magdalo group still received supply of firearms for their alleged operation during the ramadan to sustain peace in the place.

It also reported that some members of Maute Terrorist Group are also members of Magdalo Partylist or the Samahang Magdalo where Senator Antonio Trillanes IV belonged.

The retired general felt that the reason why President Rodrigo Duterte declared martial law was because the terrorist attacks might continue even on Ramadan.

He urged the government to investigate immediately and arrest all person of interest because the life of the people of Mindanao is still in danger.

In the comment of his own post, Mr. Purugganan urged the government to start securing schools churches and mosques because if Maute terrorist group pledged their allegiance to ISIS, they might imitate how the international terrorist group attacked the citizens of Syria.

“Government should start securing schools churches and mosques. Also government offices and private corporations in the area. Look how ISIS killed people and ravaged middle east, Iraq, Libya and Syria.” Purugganan said.

Purugganan also believed that some ‘wise people’ orchestrated the attack in Marawi City and they want the Philippines to become a war zone between Muslims and Christians.

“A religious / tribal war is one of the characteristics of the ISIS problem in Syria. This maybe the reason why they targetted Marawi where 9 Christians were executed and church workers made hostages and were kidnapped,” He said.

Leni Robredo Fashion Diary and a netizen also posted a picture that might be the hint of the alleged connection of the Magdalo group and Maute Terrorist Group.

Netizens also questioned the timing of the Marawi City terrorist attack that launched one day after President Rodrigo Duterte flew to Russia for a five day working visit.

They believed that the attack in Marawi City is not only a terrorist attack, but maybe a plan to destroy the image of President Rodrigo Duterte in the international community.


  1. TRillanes is always a traitor since the Magdalo seige in Manila

  2. d'di ko alam kung bakit pinapasweldo payang mga yan ng govt.

  3. Must take action rapidly....trillanes is crazy he need a mental advise..

  4. Trillanes is ill... mentally,he's ruined by drugs he is a useless senator...hope he'll be shot dead on the head!

  5. Makita mo sa mata ng isang tao ang pagiging traydor. The way they look like him

  6. That man wants to become president he will do everything to ruin the president's name with the help of his cohorts in senate because this people are drug protectors in our country that is why hate the president's war against drugs continue to destroy our image to other countries .This man and his cohorts are insane.


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