Look: BBC’s Anchor Stephen Sackur receives overwhelming support from Filipinos

<p>After the straightforward and very objective interview with Sen. Antonio Trillanes, Stephen Sackur received an awe-inspiring and overwhelming appreciation from the Filipino people. Furthermore, the show already gained Filipino’s interest, and netizens started sharing how grateful they were to watch a non-biased show like Sackur’s.</p><p>The netizens truly rooted for Sackur because of the brave and plucky interview. This showed the clear view on opposition’s stand against the President. Trillanes was caught unready for Sackur’s interview, showing that his nutshell only contains ploy to bring down the President.</p>

<p>Angel Abella responded that exposing Trillanes is a relief not only for the netizens but for all the Filipinos. Jay Gumanid can’t help but laugh because Trillanes really showed how partisan minded he was.</p>

<p>BBMarcos (a fan account only) appreciates Sackur for looking for the real situation and not just the politics. Nate Susvilla stated that Duterte was sincere and true to his words, he’s not a politician but a leader.</p>

<p>Others condemn the silence of the mainstream media in the Philippines about Trillanes’ epic interview and even suggested VP Robredo and Senator Hontiveros to be interviewed next.</p>

<p>Aside from salutations, sincere gratitude flooded Sackur’s tweet.

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