Watch: 37 dead after gunman’s rampage at Resorts World Manila

At least 36 bodies have been found at the Resorts World Manila Hotel following the rampage just after midnight Friday (June 2) by a lone gunman who then killed himself, Chief Superintendent Tomas Apolinario, Southern Police District director said.
Apolinario updated his earlier estimate, given in an interview with News, “na hindi bababa sa 25 ang (there are no less than 25) presumed dead,” and said the fatalities, many of whom were found in the casino, including a number who had fled to a bathroom, were likely to have succumbed to suffocation from the fire set by the gunman who doused gaming table with gasoline and set these on fire.
Police said the gunman, wearing a hood and black jacket, opened fire at television monitors and the door of a storeroom where chips were stored but did not aim at people. He took what police said P113 million worth of casino chips but let go of the bag where he had placed these.
The second floor, which houses the casino area’s gaming tables, and the third floor bore the brunt of the attack.
After the smoke and the dust had settled, the gunman was found dead in an upper floor room where Philippine National Police chief Ronald dela Rosa said he had killed himself by wrapping himself in a blanket, dousing himself with gasoline and setting himself alight.
‘Robbery, not terrorism’
“Don’t panic, this is not a cause for alarm. We cannot yet attribute this to terrorism,” Dela Rosa said initially, adding that he was leaving room for the possibility that this could very well just be an armed robbery. But, he did allow the possibility the Islamic State would claim responsibility for propaganda purposes.
“We are looking into a robbery angle because he did not hurt any people but went straight to the casino chips storage room. He parked at the second floor and barged into the casino, shooting large TV screens and poured gasoline on a table setting it on fire.”

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