Watch: Philippine Daily Inquirer reporter tries to insult Duterte but businessman shames him

During a press conference, businessman and inspirational speaker Francis Kong was bombarded with questions that seemed intent on shaming President Rodrigo Duterte.

The reporter responsible for the malicious questions was Philippine Daily Inquirer’s (PDI) Marlon Ramos who subtly inserted questions about Duterte’s manner of speaking and extended anti-drug war deadline.

When asked if Kong had any advice for Duterte in terms of possessing soft skills, Kong said that “the one advantage I see him [Duterte] having right now is a sense of authenticity”.

Kong elaborates how the youth perceives Duterte’s realness as the President’s soft skill and being able to execute tasks that he “promised” he would do.

As a retort to Kong’s answer, Ramos said that Duterte “promised to end our problem with illegal drugs within the six months of his presidency and now he is saying he’ll be doing it until 2022, at the end of his office.”

Kong was quick to answer explaining that as someone familiar with the runabouts of business, he understands that results go through a process.

I am a person who understands business. You don’t get result by means of an event. To get good results you need a process, and that’s why process takes time,” Kong explained.

The businessman pointed out that based on feedback from the youth, it seemed that while they were aware of the drug problem, they did not know how grave and deep the scope of the problem was.

So, if you’re a business person with a business mindset, identifying the problem is already 50% of the solution,” Kong added and urged the public to be patient with the results.

Ramos once again brings up a question on Duterte’s personality asking Kong if there was anything Duterte had to change in the way he speaks or in the words he chose.

Words are extremely powerful and you and I need to understand that the moment our words leave our mouth they are no longer ours. We have to be accountable,” Kong starts.

But we cannot change our words that would make us detach from our personality and our humaneness and our real self,” the businessman added.

Kong explained that when choosing words, one had to be sure it can be understood by the public.

Choose words that will not compromise its integrity, but perhaps say it in a more palatable way that people can understand and so you lessen [the chance of] being misunderstood,” Kong advised.

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