Lacson to Trillanes: “Hindi ko alam kung may makatwirang pag iisip pa ito”

Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson responded to the tirades of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV against his fellow colleagues.
Lacson gave the reaction, a few hours after Senator Trllanes said at a press conference in Manila Hotel that the Senate became ‘lapdogs’ of the Duterte administration and ‘don’t even like to investigate it’s abuses’ because of being ‘scared’.
Lacson even mocked Trillanes saying that the senator from Nacionalista party was “out of touch with reality, if not hallucinating too much.”
“I don’t know where he is coming from and I’m not even sure if he is still rationale in his thinking. One thing ‘m sure about, he is dead wrong,” Lacson said.
“Calling one’s own colleagues ‘cowards’ or ‘puppets’ wholesale and without qualifying, is
s the darnest thing he can do,” he added.
Senator Trillanes started to release tirades against the senate after he claimed that his colleague showed no interest in investigating the Duterte administration anymore.
“Itong Senado na dati ay ‘yan yung last bastion of democracy eh ngayon, wala na, para na rin kaming mga tuta nitong administrasyon na ’to. Ni ayaw mag-imbestiga eh,” Trillanes said.
“‘Yung mga dapat sana na pumuna eh wala eh, sila yung mga bahag ang buntot,” Trillanes said.
Trillanes believed that the strong alliance between the executive branch and the legislative brand was the reason why no one wanted to stood up against President Duterte.
“Ni ayaw mag imbestiga eh. Dito ka makakakita ng mga senador na takot. Kaalyado ka na lang kasi ayaw mong aminin na takot ka eh,” Trillanes said.
The other colleagues of Trillanes is not yet responding on the tirades of the senator except Sen. Pangilinan who said that the Senate showed ‘greater independence on the part of the senate as an institution under previous administrations’
Trillanes is not yet responding on the statement of Ping Lacson against him.


  1. Pangi kaya nmn pala c ex- CJ ay naalis ng walang kalaban laban dhl sa "GREATER INDEPENDENCE" ng senado noong mga nakaraang administrasyon ano ha. Galing galing mo talaga ha.

  2. Senator Ping is absolute right about Trillanes,"it seems Trillanes is out of reality or hallucinating". To say that Pres. Duterte has done nothing for his country in front of international community seems crazy.

    1. hallucinating and may alzheimer's pa ata nga nakalimutan na yong pagiging puppet nya sa Administrasyong Aquino! pwe!


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