Look: 6 Bogus NGOs of Leni Robredo Revealed!

Our humble kingdom is housed in two office rooms in our building. Six NGOs share the space and the equipment, which saves us money on overhead expenses. As anyone in the NGO sector knows, saving money on anything is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the nonprofit rainbow.

We each have our own agendas and missions, but it is common for us to share resources with each other. Some of the programs are organized by two or more NGOs in partnership with each other. Since each organization is connected to every other NGO (by mission or by the people involved), this setup works well for us. More than one NGO can hit their targets and achieve their goals with just one program, reducing redundancy and multiplying the impact of the project.

These are the six: (READ BELOW)

1. Kaya Natin! Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership (KN) - Good governance, good citizenship

2. Acts of Hope for the Nation (AHON) Foundation - education and literacy

3. Jesse M. Robredo Foundation (JMRF) - continuing Jesse Robredo's legacy of excellence in service

4. Institute for Governance and Strategic Partnerships (IGSP) - bridging local and national governments

5. Keh Family Foundation (KFF) - health and education

6. Excel Center for Educational Leadership (Excel) - education


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