MRT3 janitors receives P18M wages during Aquino's term

Janitors of the Metro Rail Transit 3 (MRT 3) earn more than bank managers or director II positions that have a salary grade 26 or Php 83,000 every month under the Busan Universal Rail Inc. contract.

PBA Rep. Jericho Nograles was shocked at the figures he received which showed that the six janitors assigned for maintenance and cleaning of the MRT3 was earning Php 18.050 million for three years.

A breakdown of the wage shows that the six janitors collectively earn Php 6.016 million every year or Php 83,566 every day.

Nograles surmises that the contract was not properly examined during its transactions in the Aquino administration.

“Eighteen million pesos for 6 cleaners in three years? The transportation and MRT 3 officials who allowed this kind of travesty and their BURI cohorts are either absolute dimwits or are remorseless criminal masterminds,” Nograles said.

“This BURI contract is a midnight deal riddled with graft and unsigned by the appropriate authorities should be scrapped right away. This is a bad election time PR stunt that is harming the Duterte Administration and the taxpayers. It is a yellow submarine torpedoing the government coffers and Sec. Tugade should not pay a single cent more,” he added.

Besides the overpriced janitorial services, a paint job contract for the MRT3 also seemed excessive which amounted to Php 9.25 million for three years and a repainting job worth Php 13.5 million.

Nograles pointed out MRT OIC General Manager Deo Leo Manalo as the person responsible for the irregularities and flaws of the contract.

Besides the BURI contract, Nograles asserted that a probe should also be held for the Dalian Locomotive supply contracts.

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