Sara Duterte for 2022? Duterte told Inday Sara: “Ganyan pag magspeech pag Presidente ka”

President Rodrigo Duterte gave another hint that his daughter Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte might follow his footsteps and became the next leader of the Philippines.
Presidential Communications assistant secretary Mocha Uson told her followers about what President Duterte said to his daughter after his second State of the Nation Address speech.
“Ganyan pag magspeech pag Presidente ka. Hindi mo basahin yung sa teleprompter na walang kwenta.” President Duterte told Inday Sara.
As proof, Mocha Uson posted a photo of her together with the Mayor Inday Sara who President Duterte claimed that more iron fisted than him.
Secretary Uson also expressed her support if ever that Inday Sara decided to run as President by saying “Our Next President”
Netizens also expressed their support to Davao City mayor Inday Sara Duterte.
“Really? Oh my! We pray for another Duterte to be our country’s leader!” Mia Olivia remarked after reading the post of Mocha.
A netizen even suggested that Inday Sara might became the President of the Philippines while her father as Vice President like what happened in Davao City before.
Inday Sara Duterte became the mayor of Davao City while her father became her Vice Mayor.
“Pwde yan mam 2022 tpos vice c tatay digong..lakas yan cgurado” Gary Guarino commented.
Sara Duterte rejected to became the first lady of the Philippines because she wanted to prioritize her job as Mayor of Davao.
“Wala akong plano na maging First Lady. Siyempre, pag nagsabi sila na tutulong, tutulong ako. Kung magiging mayor ako ng Davao sa 2016, gusto ko nakatutok ako sa trabaho. Mahihirapan ako gumalaw,” she said.
But maybe it’s possible that Inday Sara ran for Presidency on 2022 because President Rodrigo Duterte was known for passing his government position to his children.

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