LOOK: Duterte received highest rating of most loving, caring president

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte is perceived as the most loving, caring, solid and decisive among the five highest government executives in the country, according to a recent survey
The results of the “Pahayag” pilot survey, conducted by the Publicus Asia Inc., were revealed yesterday at the Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas, Pasig City.
The survey tested the people’s perception of the top five highest officials in the country, and the top five most recent presidents, in terms of the “Love, Care and Solidarity” index, and the “Decisiveness Index.”
Based on the survey that studied 1,500 respondents from key cities nationwide from August 7 to 9, Duterte got 90 percent decisiveness rating, followed by Vice President Leni Robredo with only 5 percent. Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, Senate President Aquilino Pimentel and Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez all got 1 percent.
Mindanao gave Duterte a 97-percent decisiveness index while Robredo received only one percent from the region. Those from the National Capital Region gave Duterte 92 percent and Robredo only got 4 percent. In Southern Luzon, where the vice president hails, Robredo got a 4-percent decisiveness rating while Duterte got 87 percent.
Duterte is deemed the most loving by the respondents (82 percent); caring and concerned (79 percent). Robredo only got 13 percent in terms of being loving, concerned (17 percent) and caring (16 percent).

Pimentel comes third after 1 percent called him loving and caring and 2 percent called him concerned. Only 1 percent voted for Alvarez as caring, while Sereno got zero percent when asked about her being caring, concerned and loving.
Duterte got 97 percent when it comes to the love index in Mindanao, and 83 percent in the NCR; while 2 percent rated Robredo as loving in Mindanao, and 12 percent in NCR.
Maria Lourdes Tiquia, CEO and founder of Publicus Asia, said some of the respondents might not be aware of the other politicians and their roles. “Maybe the results on Duterte are glaring because he is the top decision-maker. They might see his cursing (pagmumura) as a reflection of his anger and exasperation.

According to the survey, the top indicator of an officials’ love for the country is his projects for the poor (56 percent); good services (24 percent); delivery of promises to improve the country (18 percent); outreach programs (14 percent) and the removal of value added tax (12 percent).
The respondents says a caring president is shown when he visits the wounded and condoles during calamities (93 percent); takes into account his capacity to serve sincerely, looks for ways to serve and takes care of his health (92 percent) and respects the country’s symbols (91 percent).
In terms of awareness rating, Duterte got a perfect 100 percent, followed by Vice President Leni Robredo with 87 percent, Sereno with 45 percent, Pimentel with 69 percent and Alvarez with 49 percent.
In terms of approval rating, Duterte got a total of 88 percent, Robredo got 60 percent, Sereno 51 percent, and Pimentel 66 percent while Alvarez got 57 percent.


  1. wow GOD tatay digong WE LOVE YOU and support for ever more.... good luck PHILIPPINE

  2. keep an eye on his achievements unsurpassed by previous administrations collectively in jut first year of his administration.


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