LOOK: Ozamiz chief Espenido uncovers supposedly ‘human bones’ in another alleged mass grave

The Ozamiz PNP led by Chief Inspector Jovie Espenido were shocked after they discovered supposedly human bones in an alleged mass grave that they excavated in Brgy. Capucao C, Ozamiz City.

The digging of the alleged mass grave in the said Barangay were temporarily stopped because of the cracked Backhoe’s Hydraulic Arm that hit huge tree roots during the operation.

Informants told Ozamiz PNP about the location of the alleged mass grave where the enemy of the Parojinog family were buried.

The digging operation resumed on the same day and finally they already uncovered something that the Ozamiz PNP can be used against the Parojinog family who met their downfall after the bloody raid happened last week which resulted to the death of Mayor Aldong Parojinog and to the arrest of Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog.

The excavation team discovered clothes of four suspected dead bodies in the site which buried approximately 8ft from the ground, an abandoned mine shaft hold up bones and clothes.

Chief PInsp Jovie Espinido might have estimated that at least four people were excavated due to different clothings.

The cops also discovered personal belongings and a rope.

Espenido said that he was 80% sure of the legitimacy of the fourth prospect as witness surfaced to reveal its location.

Because of the discovery, the Philippine National Police would continue its operation in the site tomorrow to know if there were still remaining bodies buried in the alleged mass grave.

The location was secured by the police and already cordoned.

This week, PNP Ozamiz decided to excavate all alleged mass grave used by the Parojinogs as burial site for their alleged business and political opponents.

In their first attempt, in Purok 1 Cogon, Ozamiz City, they only uncovered animal bones and garbages.

But the Ozamiz Chief of Police didn’t gave up and believed that the mass graves in Ozamiz really existed.

Espenido said that the Ozamiz PNP planned to excavate the demolished old mansion of the Aldong Parojinog which being rumored as another mass grave and old hideout of the members of the Parojinog syndicate.

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