Watch: Fr Robert Reyes blocks police car, while protesting Kian's killing

Father Robert Reyes staged a protest on Friday morning, August 25 against the killing of Kian Delos Santos. Known as the 'running priest, Fr. Reyes ran to Caloocan City Police Station along with Saldy delos Santos (Kian's father) and some of Kian's friends. The activist priest even tried to block a police car as it was about to leave. Watch video below.

As you can see, Fr. Robert Reyes was wearing a black shirt and kept shouting 'Para kay Kian' while the youth group shout 'Justice.' Shortly, he stood in front of a police car and tried to stop it from leaving. The driver honked at the priest, and told him that they have to go to attend a hearing. The controversial priest stayed for a minute and offered a short prayer.

Afterwards, Fr. Reyes entered the police station and talked to some of the prisoners. There, he said they just want justice for Kian, who was alllegedly killed by the police during the Oplan Galugad operation in Barangay 160, in Caloocan City last August 16. The 'running priest' also asked them which one is better, send criminals to jail or kill them?

Shortly, Fr. Reyes prayed that fair justice be served to all suspects, and that if proven guilty, criminals should be sentenced according to the law. He also prayed that criminals be given a chance to change for the better, instead of killing them. The priest also prayed for the 'awakening' of policemen, lawyers, court justices, and President Duterte as well.

Before he left, Fr. Robert Reyes talked to one policeman inside the station. He apologized for bothering them, and for blocking the police car. The activist priest emphasized that he has no intention of causing any trouble, and that he just want to voice out his support for the 17-year old Grade 11 student. Later, a mass was held at the Sta. Quiteria Church.

Meanwhile, Kian delos Santos is set to be buried this Saturday at the La Loma Cemetery. Hundreds of people are expected to join the funeral march, along with some human rights groups. His death sparked public outrage, and lead to the start of a Senate hearing last Wednesday, where the police suspects face Kian's parents and the supposed witnesses.


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