Look: Duterte Booked a Trip to Hongkong for female brave soldiers in Marawi

For getting the job done, President Duterte promised women soldiers deployed in Marawi City an all-expense paid trip to Hong Kong.
The President made the promise as he visited the frontlines in Marawi City for the fourth time Monday to boost the morale and check the situation of soldiers involved in combat operations against Maute terrorists.  
During his previous visit to the frontlines last month, Duterte egged on the troops to stay alive and promised them an all-expense paid trip to Hong Kong and other perks as soon as they win the war.
He said the trip to Hong Kong would be a family treat.
And if anyone does not want to avail himself of the all-expense paid trip, Duterte joked they could choose to spend time with an actress.
Wearing a camouflage top and gray corduroy pants, Duterte set foot in Marawi City to give away goods including Casio G-Shock watches and cigarettes to the troops.
“I will not stop you (from smoking) because you are under stress,” Duterte remarked. 
Duterte also promised that on his next visit, he would bring some celebrities to perk up the atmosphere in the battle area. He said the soldiers can “gently touch” the entertainers.
Duterte told his special assistant, Secretary Bong Go, and Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson that they should bring along entertainers during his next visit.
Duterte proceeded to the Grand Mosque, which used to be the command and control center of the terrorists until it was recaptured by government troops last month.
He also visited Mapandi Bridge, the point dividing the frontlines between government troops and the terrorists until it was recaptured by security forces.
The President visited the main battle area where he granted photo opportunities to soldiers as an expression of moral support. 
He gave a snappy salute to soldiers before leaving the city. 
“Saludo ako sa inyo (I salute you all),” Duterte told soldiers during the visit. 
Duterte told the soldiers that he would reward them and give them time to rest once the situation in Marawi returns to normal.               
“We have to finish this then you can take a vacation,” he told the troops.
In an impromptu speech delivered before the troops, Duterte thanked China for donating rifles to soldiers.
“Let’s thank them because everything that they gave us are of good quality, like the snipers (rifles). Was it good? At the very least, let’s all be thankful for that,” he said.
Duterte told the troops that the administration is taking the Armed Forces’ modernization seriously, which is why he wants to procure more equipment from Beijing.
“So for me, everything has to be brand new. All the planes and helicopters will have to be brand new. Your guns, I want just one source for it. I’m not going to mention what country it is but it’s just two – two countries,” he said.
Duterte said he would no longer allow the procurement of secondhand or refurbished helicopters from the US.
“I will no longer buy secondhand helicopters from the Americans because the two – the three – one of the two crashed.

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