Exposed: Trillanes used laundered money to destabilize President Duterte

President Duterte claimed that Senator Antonio Trillanes IV may have been funding the government’s destabilization using the money from the latter’s alleged offshore bank accounts.
This after Duterte promised to produce evidence to support his claims that Trillanes has bank accounts outside the Philippines.
Duterte, in an interview aired over state-run PTV-4 Friday evening, said information provided by the intelligence community that Trillanes may have been funding destabilization operations against the government.
“Based on analysis, the funds being laundered by Trillanes and his group may not be for their personal use, but rather it is being used for their cause and possibly to destabilize government by paying for witnesses and funding destabilization operations,” Duterte said, reading off from the report.
The President also agreed that Trillanes may have been using the supposed laundered money to fund anti-government rallies and witnesses like retired SPO3 Arturo Lascañas and self-confessed hitman Edgar Matobato.
Duterte said that Trillanes may have been getting his money from his “many clients”, including businessmen who sometimes “meddle” in politics, that’s why bank transactions were just small amounts.
“Marami itong hinihingian e. Maraming kliyente ito kaya maliliit lang (He has a lot of sources. He has many clients that’s why transactions involve only small amount of money),” he said.
He reiterated that the amount in Trillanes’ offshore accounts are too small to raise red flags.
“Maliliit lang e. Kasi kung iisahin mo account ‘yan, aabot ‘yan doon sa limit na kailangan tanungin ka kung saan mo nakuha ang pera (The accounts had small amounts. Because if you put them in one account, it will reach the limit where you will be asked where the money came from),” Duterte said.

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