Look: Netizen reveals Karen Davila condo in Makati was alledgedly paid by Trillanes consultant

A concerned netizen is now urging and demanding veteran journalist Karen Davila to appear at the Senate Ethics Hearing procedures of Sen. Antonio Trillanes after he received an information from his friend about the alleged connection of Davila to a highly paid consultant of the senator.

The concerned netizen is no other than Mark Lopez who wrote the Open Letter claiming that he allegedly received a forwarded text message sent by a "friend of a relative of a neighbor" of his elementary student about the exclusive condo unit of the journalist in Makati City.

Based upon the text message received by Lopez, the condo was actually being paid by one of the highly paid consultant of Sen. Antonio Trillanes.

The information received by Lopez is good enough to challenge Karen Davila to appear in the forthcoming Senate Ethics complaint procedure against Trillanes.

Lopez pointed out that if Karen Davila believes that people should act based on "hearsays," she must participate in the Senate Ethics complaint procedure because his name was mentioned.

There is no clear explanation yet, whether Mark Lopez really received the said text message or he was just making some stories, to highlight the logic of the journalist who urged Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte to accept the invitation of Sen. Trillanes to participate in the investigation on P6.4-Billion shabu shipment from China.

Here's the Complete Open Letter of Mark Lopez:

Dear Karen Davila,

I have received a forwarded text message sent by a friend of a relative of a neighbor of a classmate of mine in elementary.The said text message said that the plush and very exclusive condo unit in Makati where you reside is actually being paid for by unsettled DBP loans that is now said to be managed by the highly paid consultants of Senator Trillanes.
With this, I demand that since your name was mentioned in the said text message, you should immediately appear in the forthcoming Senate Ethics complaint procedure against Trillanes that will be tackled soon. 
 Again, your name was mentioned repeatedly and this is more than enough to compel you to make the said appearance.
This demand is valid and enforceable based on your own definition of how a person should act on the basis of hearsay. 
 And this is not personal ha.
We trust that you will be setting a good example based on your conviction.
Thank you and regards,
A Netizen

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