Trillanes to Duterte "Kailangan nya ng magpatingin sira na ulo ng matanda"

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV on Friday said President Duterte might need “psychiatric help” after the Chief Executive brought up the possibility of him facing the senator in a draw.

“Duterte is clearly having a meltdown, kailangan nya nang magpatingin sira na ulo ng matanda” Trillanes said in a statement in response to Duterte’s latest attack against him.

“I am now seriously concerned that he doesn’t have the psychological capacity to govern anymore and that he needs psychiatric help right away,” Trillanes, a former soldier, said.

“Moreover, the PSG (Presidential Security Group) needs to take away his pistol before he hurts himself or another innocent person,” he said.

In a speech in Digos City, Duterte told soldiers not to allow themselves to be bullied by Trillanes.

He said they can challenge the senator to a draw if the latter humiliated them.

“Putang ina ka, lumabas ka diyan, draw tayo (Son of a bitch, get out of there, let’s have a draw),” he said.

But the President said if he would face the “braggart” Trillanes, he would not need a gun.

“Hambugero, talawan man na (He’s a braggart, a coward),” Duterte said, “Sus, kung ako ma engkwentro ana, bakit naman ako nagadala og baril  (If he will only face me squarely, why would I bring a gun with me)?” the President said, showing a gun, tucked in his waist, in the middle of his speech during the Araw ng Digos celebration in Digos City.

“Way lisensya ni ha (this is not licensed, ha), he said, eliciting laughter from the crowd. “Dili man kailangan og lisensya para mopatay og tawo (You don’t need a license to kill a man.)

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