Look: This Old man went viral after insulting and defaming President Duterte

A netizen is getting his instant popularity not because he is doing great and praiseworthy things for the Philippines but because he is trashing President Rodrigo Duterte in his every post in his Facebook account that it's becoming ridiculous.

He also wrote in one of his post that Duterte supporters abandoned morality, decency, self respect, reasoning, common sense, intelligence, principle in life, rule of law and above all GOD. [It's pretty much obvious that this man doesn't understand anything he says.]

Even of you're not a supporter of the current president and has a good and fair judgement, you would think that he is insanely digging himself a grave. If anyone with a sound mind and neutral functioning brain, you'll definitely think that this guy is going nuts and thinks highly of himself. No sane and moral human will insult person he barely knows if he doesn't think that he is better than the other. 

His posts, of course, automatically get the attention of Duterte supporters and others.

Below are just few of his nonsense tirades to the President. They are called nonsense because all are literally nonsense. Like a kid struggling to get attention. That's why we are giving him a chance to shine.


It's natural for non-supporters to trash people base on what we perceive. But we are held liable of our words and actions. Our freedom of expression doesn't give us the ticket to insult anyone especially a man holding the highest position in a nation.

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  1. hoy tanga ikaw ang bobo magisip ka muna bago magsalita ng mga paninira po sa pangulo.Tandaan mo wlng perpecto sa mundo.Para kasi pinapakita mo perpecto ka na masabihan mo ang panulo ng ganyan.Tignan mo muna sarili mo bago ka manlait ng iba.


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